Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog: What is this Blog?

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Like any blog, this site will be used for my personal observations on the world. Expect occasional posts on anything from personality theory to transit to the state of media to comparisons of the United States and Canada.

Starting on the first weekday when two of the three countries in North America were known to face elections in the coming weeks, many of the initial posts will undoubtedly focus on politics.

Political posts on this blog will, for the most part, not advocate or disparage political parties or individual candidates. Instead, they will offer commentary and indeed judgment intended to foster further thought by the reader. Canadians generally seem to appreciate such food for thought even when the substance seems like rubbish, while Americans seem to have much lower tolerance for such discourse. Nothing would delight me more than to find reactions to this blog that rise above expectation.

While comments will be moderated, that process mainly exists to avoid vandalism. Thoughtful comments, particularly those in disagreement with the original post, will be appreciated.

Let the conversation begin.

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