Saturday, June 6, 2009

Radio Pick: Restricting Braille on Search Engine

TORONTO, ONTARIO - I've been remiss in following up on the state of Search Engine, the one-time CBC radio show hosted by Jesse Brown that had since become a podcast with no staff other than Brown himself, and finally was canceled entirely, which reflects just how quickly downhill the CBC is going as a result of its budget problems. Brown has found a new home for the podcast at TVO, a nice reminder that TVO is more than just a public television station in Ontario. This week's Search Engine podcast is my radio pick for the week.

A great example of niche media, Search Engine provides very interesting coverage of the Internet. This week, host Jesse Brown's second story described how western governments have been trying to pass legislation to inhibit the translation of documents into Braille, which has to be one of the most absurd anti-copyright initiatives I've ever heard, and I've only heard about it on this 14-minute edition of Search Engine.

Listen to MP3 of Search Engine "Who's Copying Who?"

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