Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photos: Trip to Michigan, Part II

Little River Railroad #110 approached Main Street in Owosso, Michigan with an "Hourly Excursion" on 25-July-2009.

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This week's update to my photo site features the excursion trains at the Train Festival in Owosso, Michigan. An "Hourly Excursion" train ran about four miles out of Owosso behind Little River Railroad's diminutive Pacific #110, and "All-Day Excursions" ran to Alma, Michigan and back behind either the City of Portland, Oregon's "Daylight" #4449 or former Nickel Plate Road Berkshire #765. Scenes from 24 to 26-July-2009 include a walk around downtown Alma, Michigan during an excursion layover.

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