Monday, November 30, 2009

Radio Pick: Taliaferro Defends Woods

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This one won't make my weekly radio pick in part because it will be gone from the archives by Sunday, but if you want to hear a fundamentally entertaining hour of talk radio, check out KGO's Ray Taliaferro doing a rare fill-in for Pat Thurston and defending his "brother" Tiger Woods. It's not intellectually fulfilling and some of callers are remarkably oblivious to Taliaferro's shtick, but in terms of pure hilarity, I hadn't heard an hour like this in a very long time. Taliaferro may be 73, but he is still capable of excellent radio.

Hat tip to VanMan on the ba.broadcast newsgroup for alerting me to this hour

Listen to MP3 of KGO's Ray Taliaferro defending Tiger Woods

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