Saturday, December 26, 2009

Radio Pick: True History of Christmas Carols

KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON - The series "20 Pieces of Music That Changed the World" may be completed, but Robert Harris' appearances on The Sunday Edition continued with a bonus feature on Christmas carols. Not only was the musical analysis up to its normal quality in this 38-minute feature, but the ecumenical perspective of a secular Christmas coming from a Jewish commentator--well, it was just stereotypically and refreshingly Canadian.

Listen to The Sunday Edition "The True History of Christmas Music"

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It isn't a new show, but if you've managed to go five years without hearing it as I had and you are a regular public radio listener, check out A Car Talk Christmas Carol, mangling the Charles Dickens tale using public radio voices including Tom and Ray Magliozzi (of Car Talk), Robert Siegel (of All Things Considered), Ira Glass (of This American Life), Carl Kasell (of NPR News), and Scott Simon (of Weekend Edition Saturday) amongst others. There's no educational value in the half-hour piece, but if you listen to NPR, you will enjoy it.

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