Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radio Pick: Callers on AfroReggae Favelas

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This week's radio pick comes from WBUR's On Point. Ideally, a call-in talk show is driven by the callers, in which they add as much to a conversation as the guests. This is all too rare in today's radio landscape, but there was a wonderful example this week from On Point in a show about Brazilian Favelas. The music discussed may not be widely appreciated, but the variety of insightful calls made the show, so much so that even featured guest Damian Platt chose to comment on it near the end of the 46-minute program.

Listen to streaming Windows Media of On Point "AfroReggae and Rio's Favelas"

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There were a few notable runner-ups this week. The CBC's Anna-Maria Tremonti did an an excellent interview with Lionel Tiger on God and the Brain, expressing a lot of interesting ideas about the role of religion in the human species.

Listen to streaming MP3 of The Current "God and the Brain"

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For those who want to hear compelling documentaries, This American Life again demonstrated why it is a leader in story-telling this week with an excellent show on Saving The Day.

Listen to streaming media of This American Life "Save the Day"

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Finally, I couldn't stop laughing at the CBC Comedy Factory's annotation of the Canadian National Anthem--which we learned this week will not, in fact, be modified. It is the last three minutes of the podcast.

Listen to the CBC Comedy Factory "Annotated O Canada"

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