Sunday, October 17, 2010

Margin Notes: Autumn, Steam, Residue, Halladay

The view outside my own bedroom windows showed nice autumn colors in Toronto, Ontario on 15-October-2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO - I'm always amused when the picture outside my own bedroom windows demonstrates something better than things I waked all the way across town to see. In this case, the state of autumn colors this week was best shown by the view out my window on Friday morning.

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Some of the wreaths from the Canada Day re-dedication of the Chinese Railway Workers' Memorial in Toronto, Ontario were still in place on 11-October-2010

It might be fall, but that wouldn't be obvious at the Chinese Railway Workers' Memorial in Toronto, Ontario. The memorial was the site of a Canada Day--that's 1-July--re-dedication ceremony, and wreaths from that ceremony were still sitting at the monument one week ago. Cleaning up the site is obviously a priority for Toronto workers.

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A timed exposure captured the departure of the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre's miniature train on a night test run on 11-October-2010

Speaking of railways, there are few things more thrilling than riding behind a steam locomotive after dark. The Toronto Railway Heritage Centre will be running after dark on Halloween, from about dusk to 8 pm, providing a chance to get such an experience, if on a smaller scale. For more details, watch the TRHA web site as the 31-October-2010 date approaches.

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The Toronto Railway Heritage Centre is near the Rogers Centre, where Roy Halladay used to pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. When Halladay recently pitched a perfect game in the playoffs for the Philadelphia Phillies, the positive buzz around Toronto was nearly as large as if he had done it for the Blue Jays. I'd like to make the case that it is the civility of Toronto fans, but I think this would have happened even in rapacious Boston. Halladay is such a personal class act that it is easy to cheer him on, even if he's playing for another team. This blog would like to add some belated congratulations to Halladay for his accomplishment.

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