Saturday, December 4, 2010

Radio Pick: Female Entrepeneurs

TORONTO, ONTARIO - A show that I regularly listen to but hasn't risen to the level of being a pick has finally become my weekly radio pick. Radio has been trying to hard to reach a younger audience. Interestingly, the programs that seem to be surviving while succeeding in that endeavor are not those who jump frenetically from one topic to another, but ones that emphasize production values and sound and try to take on topics of interest to younger people. A classic example is CBC Radio One's Spark. This week's 53-minute show was an especially good case study, taking on relatively heady topics like the small number of females leading start-up companies and copyright law, but making extensive use of production gimmicks and a focus on practical consequences to a tech-savvy audience to create a great listening experience anyway.

Listen to MP3 of Spark "Female Entrepreneurs"

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