Saturday, November 1, 2008

Radio Pick: Dr. Dean Edell on Halloween

DUNSMUIR, CALIFORNIA - This week's weekly radio pick comes from the Dr. Dean Edell Show.

While heading in to the Bay Area on Friday, I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Dean Edell live on his flagship station, KGO Newstalk 810. While his affiliate list may be bolstered by being in a package with Rush Limbaugh, there is no question that Edell stands on his own as a very listenable host who handles callers well. Friday's show demonstrated how Edell can build topical interest to medicine through tie-ins with Halloween, and how he can handle esoteric questions from a caller in his 53-minute program. Dr. Dean Edell represents the best of specialized-topic commercial talk radio.

Listen to streaming MP3 of Dr. Dean Edell "Halloween"

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