Saturday, November 15, 2008

Radio Pick: Masked Avengers on C'est la vie

This week's radio pick is a show mentioned in last week's margin notes.

The CBC provides a nice window on francophone Canada for anglophones weekly on the radio. Hosted by Bernard St-Laurent, the cross-cultural program C'est la vie tries to bridge the cultural divide that can exist in Canada. This week, the program focused on the Masked Avengers who pranked Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin during the final week
of the campaign. It was especially amusing to hear them compare their various pranks, including Britney Spears, Bill Gates, and Jacques Chirac as well as Palin. The contrast between Gates and the other pranks was particularly revealing in this 23-minute program.

Listen to MP3 of C'est la vie "The Masked Avengers"

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