Saturday, January 31, 2009

Radio Pick: Wacky Liberal Dave Ross

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This week I delve into commercial talk radio in the United States for the first time this calendar year for my weekly radio pick.

The election of Barack Obama as President seems to have emboldened liberals around the United States, and some of them are saying things that never would have made the mainstream media even six months ago. Dave Ross, traditionally considered a moderate at KIRO-FM in Seattle, went over the liberal deep end this week by spending the better part of an hour arguing that private companies wasting money was just as bad for the economy as the government wasting money. Such audacity made for radio that simply wasn't heard on the mainstream commercial dial until quite recently, making this 39-minute clip something notable and worth checking out.

Listen to MP3 of the Dave Ross Show "Private Companies Waste Money"

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