Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photos: Lewis and Clark Explorer, 2005

The Columbia Queen, offering luxury cruises up the Columbia River, was docked at Astoria, Oregon on 11-September-2005

This week's update to my photo site continues a foray into the archives that started last week. That trip concluded with a ride on the Lewis and Clark Explorer to Astoria, Oregon on 11-September-2005. Following the Columbia River, the train crossed three movable bridges and many scenic locations. During an afternoon's layover in Astoria, there was a chance to see the mouth of the Columbia River, Fort Columbia on the Washington side of the river, and get a complete tour of the historic city of Astoria provided by J Michael Kenyon and Joan Stout before the return train ride. The 2005 season would be the Lewis and Clark Explorer's last, and the tracks have been out of service since a flood early in 2006.

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