Saturday, February 21, 2009

Radio Pick: BBC Coverage of Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO - General daily news programs are often neglected on this feature because their value diminishes soon after their presentation. I listen to the British Broadcasting Corporation's World Service for on average about an hour a day, every day, and yet in more than two years of doing this feature, I had yet to cite their often excellent reporting, as presented on their Global News Podcast. It is time.

This week, residents of both Canada and the United States had a hard time missing the story that US President Barack Obama took his first foreign trip to Canada. The coverage in the Canadian media was of course especially thorough, but the most interesting context came from farther away--the BBC. This context piece on the events in Ottawa demonstrates how the BBC presents the daily news in a very useful form every day, not just when I finally get around to highlighting it. The story in question is about 14 minutes into the 25 minute podcast.

Listen to MP3 of BBC Global News "Obama To Visit Canada"

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