Saturday, April 25, 2009

Radio Pick: Blogging and Politics

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This was a poor radio week in general in my opinion, and it was difficult to find a worthy new show for the weekly radio pick. On the last day of the week, the CBC finally came through with an edition of "The House" that wouldn't have been considered most weeks, but did have some compelling content. Garth Turner isn't popular in many circles, and he openly admits that he is finished in politics. Yet, he still has an interesting perspective to present on the future of blogging in politics and on the state of party politics (even using one of my favorite words, "sheeple"), providing a highlight to a 48-minute show that also featured a look at how this recession is not hurting women as much as men and a nice summary of the way those in the US couldn't get their immigration facts straight this week.

Listen to The House "Blogging in Federal Politics"

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