Saturday, July 11, 2009

Radio Pick: My Life So Far

I have mixed feelings about this week's radio pick. While I am already characterizing the summer CBC Radio One lineup as the weakest in my memory, there are some old stand-bys. One of these is Global Perspectives, in which English-language broadcasters from across the world contribute documentaries on a theme, which this year is "islands." The CBC aired its own contribution this week, which was a 27-minute re-packaging of a feature that had aired on the now-canceled Outfront program on the lives of native youths at Alert Bay, British Columbia called "My Life So Far". The re-packaging came across as quite cohesive, and in fact may be the best example of recycled content I've ever heard, though unfortunately only the original segments are available for review on-line.

Click on "Listen" Link on this page to listen to Global Perspectives "My Life So Far"

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