Saturday, January 2, 2010

Radio Pick: The Year in Rebuke

KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON - It was a tough choice for my weekly radio pick this week. In the end, I couldn't let an entire year go without at least once citing Harry Shearer's satire and as in most years, he concentrated the best of his satire pieces in a 59-minute "Year in Rebuke". The second show in that series, aired this week, included Barack Obama in a "Fathers Knows Best" sitcom, Richard Nixon in heaven, and even one of my favorite features--a story about a cat ruining the reception of digital television.

Listen to streaming MP3 of LeShow "The Year in Rebuke Part II"

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A close second place this week goes to the Capitol Steps and their annual 59-minute New Year's special. Amongst the new skits since the Halloween special are Governor Sanford singing "Don't Cry for Me; I'm in Argentina," "Aiming for the Eye of the Tiger" and "A Sarah Palin Christmas."

Listen to streaming RealMedia of the Capitol Steps "Politics Takes a Holiday"

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