Monday, May 24, 2010

Holiday: The Beginning of Summer

Part of the Ontario Place fireworks on 23-May-2010 were observed above Lake Ontario in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO - I don't care what the calendar says. To me, and to most of the country of Canada (or at least those seeing similar weather in southern Ontario), summer started this weekend. This was the first three-day weekend of the summer season, with today as the first holiday, Victoria Day.

The weather has gotten downright warm. I had to turn on the air conditioning this evening to get my Galilean thermometer to read less than 26 C (that's about 79 F). It's been relatively warm, and substantially dry, since mid-month. Spring showers are already a thing of the past.

For some, this is the weekend to open up one's cottage in a rural area. As I walked through my neighbourhood in the past week, a number of "cottage sales" were noted at various stores. A particularly notable one was at a cheese store, proclaiming that it was time to buy "cottage cheese." I'm surprised I hadn't seen that one before.

Not being one of the wealthy with a cottage, I instead took in a city activity yesterday, attending the Ontario Place fireworks from a public park rather than paying to attend the seasonal opening of the amusement park. My route walking there took me along Sunnyside Beach, and more so than in previous years, I saw the diversity that makes Toronto such an amazing place--everything from bathing suits to hijabs, skin colors from pale to dark, and a smattering of languages from around the world were all observed along Humber Bay.

Now, it's time for community and street festivals that represent the diversity of Toronto all summer long--as well as other unwelcome seasonal activities, like road construction. Everything cannot be idyllic for an entire season.

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