Sunday, May 2, 2010

Margin Notes: Walks, Buses, Robin Hood

Madeleine McDowell (with library bag) led a nearly 100-person group on her Jane's Walk through the "Laneways of Runnymede" in Toronto, Ontario on 2-May-2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO - After six Jane's Walks and at least thirty kilometers by foot, I've pretty much expended all the energy I have for this weekend. Interestingly, the first walk I went on Saturday morning began at Christie Pits Park and the last walk I went on Sunday evening ended at Christie Pits Park, lending some symmetry to the experience.

* * * * * *

There were a lot of references to divine interventions by Jane Jacobs over the course of the weekend. One has to wonder if she had anything to do with the fact that the first time I took transit this weekend, avoiding a trek downtown to attend a "Skyscrapers of the Financial District" walk, the subway was shut down. Decide not to walk somewhere, and see what happens. With clever detouring, I was only five minutes late to the walk.

* * * * * *

I never did ride a bus all weekend, but I discovered that I had not been paying much attention to the bus fan web sites. I was surprised to see diesel Orion VII "Next Generation" buses, numbered in the 8100-series, running on the 29 Dufferin route. The 2010 order for 120 low-emissions diesel buses is well underway.

* * * * * *

Spring colors were still readily visible at High Park in Toronto, Ontario on 29-April-2010

I didn't walk through High Park during the weekend, but I was there earlier in the week to find the Japanese Cherry Blossoms gone, but still plenty of spring colors to observe as seen above.

* * * * * *

One might find Robin Hood not out of place in High Park, but instead I found people dressed as Robin Hood in Union Station. They were there to support a tax on banks known as the Robin Hood Tax. The group behind it, called At The Table 2010, has a surprisingly wide set of progressive groups behind it, likely explaining how they could afford to be lobbying in Union Station.

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